Bio: Joe has been working with and training animals for nearly 20 years, she affectionately likes to say that she trains owners more so than the animal. Starting as a young girl, Joe and her border collie, Sam, were involved in sheep herding trials where she quickly learned the ropes from some of the most senior and seasoned herders. Joe is the Principal Trainer and Behavioral Consultant for Western States K-9 College. While in this lead position, Joe has been spotlighted on each of the local news channels for; bite prevention, tricks and games, along with various adoption events. She's also written numerous training and behavioral articles and assisted owners in animal behavioral court cases. She is also Utah's Regional Representative for PAWS with a Cause; a national non-profit organization that provides and trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities. In the past, Joe has also served as the Lead Trainer and Behaviorist for Salt Lake County Animal Services. Joe has been training dogs professionally since 1996 and has established and owned two dog training businesses in this time. While also a small business owner, Joe spent much of her time with a well respected veterinary clinic within the Salt Lake valley where she had progressive responsibly in the roles she earned. From Vet Tech to Office Manager, Vendor, and Client Relations, Joe had oversight and responsibility for nearly all of the office's on-going operations and programs. Joe also established this clinic's private and competitive training programs. Not only has Joe spent time in the Veterinary world she's also helped one of the worlds largest companies (GE) develop and implement process workflows for a new division within the company. While at GE, Joe studied and earned her green belt in Six Sigma, which is a process improvement strategy seeking to improve the quality of the process by identifying and removing defects. Joe has been able to use this valuable experience in all aspects of her own business, from comprehensive written consultations to step-by-step training programs that quantify and measure the training progress to ensure that each dog and their owner(s) are receiving the best quality training. Joe's training philosophy is not one of a single "method" or training "tool". Training tools in and of themselves are not good or bad, it is how they are used that makes them effective in training. Joe's priority is to educate her clients on their dog's behavior. Each dog is an individual and must be approached in this way. We should let the dog show us how to train based on the dog’s personality, social development, past and present behavior, aptitude for learning, and the client's goals. In most situations, there is often more than one possible approach or method to training. We should not try to make the dog fit into a singular "method" of training.

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