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Building Confidence In Training

Many people find it overwhelming when they begin training their dog.  I hear this often in consultations and want you to know you are not alone.  Here are some of the myths I’ve encountered that I feel are regarding the confidence of dog training.

You have to be an expert to train your dog. – FALSE

You have to know exactly what to do. – FALSE

With practice, your confidence and skills will increase. – TRUE!

Many dog owners worry that they can’t train their dog because they don’t have enough knowledge or experience, or they feel overwhelmed by the “what if’s” of training. But don’t fear – dog training is a journey where both dog and handler learn along the way.  Connecting with your dog and teaching them layer by layer keeps you always on the same page with each other.  No other journey matters but that you and your dog take together.

In a society built on instant satisfaction, it can be discouraging when immediate results aren’t seen. Just remember, each dog is unique and that means each training journey is unique too. Remember the tiniest victories should be celebrated. Here are some tips to help you and your dog find your way!

  • Practice. You are never going to learn or become confident if you don’t practice and work through the road bumps along the way. Will mistakes be made? Most likely. Will those mistakes “ruin” your dog? No. It’s all about the learning process.
  • Watch yourself and others train. By recording yourself train you are able to watch how your dog reacts to what you are asking them to do, and you can find ways to improve for next time. By watching others train you can learn more about different styles and techniques, and which ones work for you and your dog.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Training is meant to be a fun activity for you and your dog. By learning along with your dog your relationship will grow stronger, and you both will develop the confidence and skills necessary to keep advancing on your training journey.

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Should You Be the “Alpha”?

It is important to know what Alpha means before we go into the interpretation for dog training. Alpha is the first letter of the alphabet, the beginning, the leader, the one who takes charge, the dominant one in a group. This covers most of what alpha means. Now lets put that in terms of dogs and dog behavior. In a group of dogs there will always be one dog that is more Alpha than the rest but there may also be several alpha dogs if we look at a group of dogs at a dog park. In a family with people and dogs there will be one or two of you who are alpha. Alpha does not in any way mean aggression or anger. If we look at the definition one can be dominant and one can be the leader. The dominant one will not always be the leader. The leader may be The one who supplies the food but the dominant ones sets and reinforces the rules. There is no reason why you as a human being should feel like you have to be more “alpha” than your dog. We would never or should I say we should never try and change a person to not be who they are, if there is one or two in the family that are in charge, leaders, alpha, dominant than that is who they are and we coexist together and compliment each other we never try and change them or be more than they are. It is important to treat our dogs the same way. If we battle with our dogs because we are trying to be more alpha and be in charge then you will battle and you will see other behavior problems along the way. Your dog may even become frustrated and you may see aggressive behaviors. It is important to know what your dogs personality is and you should be the support the strength and the leader but acknowledge who they are and train and guide and lead to that personality. Even though our dogs are not human and nor should we treat them as such however, I like to look at my dogs and see if I have a friend or family member that they are most like. The reason why I do this is because it helps me relate to their personality and know how I should be to help them be successful. Your dog being Alpha is not a bad thing we just need to make sure we are setting them up to be successful instead of squashing them down because “alpha is bad”

You can listen to our podcast where Michelle, Shannon and I talk about the alpha behavior what and who is alpha in our household and how we live, teach and guide them.

Being alpha is not bad in the dog world or the human world as long as we have good support and leaders to help us be successful embrace the alpha, be in the moment. Alpha is only bad when we dont let the alpha be the alpha and the omega be the omega. Our dogs live with us as a family, there are many personalities in a family let your dog fit in and be them. If you are having behavior problems could it be because you have an alpha and your are not supporting that alpha correctly or do you think you have an alpha and they are not and they cant live up to the expectations of one? Dog training helps build the correct relationship to support your dog and make sure you are not turning them into something they are not. Join our online dog training platform where you can teach, learn and train your dog with us and. have full access to trainers for questions and support.