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What and how much should you feed your dog

Feed them right

How do I know how much to feed my dog?
You need to count calories on everything that goes into your dogs mouth. Snacks, bones, training treats, dog food, left over salmon what ever it is know how many calories your dog is getting and how much they should get. How do you know how many calories your dog should have? Goal Weight / 2.2 x 30 + 70 = how many calories your dog should be getting
There are some great web sites out there to educate yourself about dog food and what is the best food for your dog to name a few ( and Don’t trust the people at the big chain pet stores to educate you on what is best for YOUR dog. You need to go in with questions about the foods not questions of what I should feed my dog. I am always a big advocate of shopping local and take time to get to know your local pet food store. How do you know how many calories your food, treats, snacks, bones are? You can look up on the internet and you will find it. I challenge you to keep track of what and how much your dog is getting and then calculate the calories and decide if you need to cut back or find a better treat with less calories. Keep in mind a balanced dog needs proper nutrition, proper exercise, plenty of sleep and daily training. Reading a dog food bag: Descending order of dry weight with the ingredient of highest quality being first. Avoid by-products, Avoid fillers, Beetpulp – just a filler no nutritional value and it just adds weight to your dog. Avoid high content of grains. Some spread out corn content but brought all together it is more than the healthy stuff. Educate yourself and feed the best that you can afford.