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Questions To Ask A Dog Trainer

Does it matter what the answer is?
Below are a few questions and my answers that from time to time I have been asked. Do they
really mean anything at the end of the day? Does it make me or any dog trainer better than
another? What it comes down to is, people are trying to get to know us without being too
personal so they feel these questions give them an insight of who you are and can they
connect with you.


If you are unable to answer a question accurately what do you do? I have been training
for 23 + years and at this point in my career I have been able to answer any question. In my
early years I make sure the question is on track to what I am teaching and then tell them we
will address it next week and then talk with mentors or others that would know the answers.

Are you afraid of any breed of dog, if so which and why? There is not a breed I am
afraid of but when I am going into a consultation where the dog is people aggressive it puts
the hair up on my arms but I do my best to be neutral and help the dog be successful.
What is your favorite cartoon character? Scooby Doo! Not sure why I just think he is a
dog in the moment.

What happens in your training program when a dog responds in the way you do not
what them to? I never put a dog in a box to fit into. I am training to the dog and the owner
not them to “my way of training” We are custom to the dog and owner we have many
training styles and we custom the training to you, this is your journey that we get to be a part

What is your training style or philosophy? I teach with food and then reinforce the
behaviors with pressures and fade out of treats. I teach a proper “correction” so the dog
knows how to fix it. A dog should never be corrected in a way that they don’t know how to
fix it and can fix it immediately.

What is your goal with training my dog? My goals are your goals and we will go
through the journey together.


Train with connection through the nose, ears and eyes of your dog. Don’t be afraid to connect
with people and their dogs. Get personal let them know who you are as a person and dog
owners don’t be afraid to get personal with your dog trainer, get to know them.